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LD50 and SW:TOR (2011-2013)

By Mag

In December of 2011, the guild moved to Star Wars: the Old Republic, taking the LD50 name for the first time. Scores of players answered our battle call, and multiple raid groups formed to fight for the Republic. LD50 claimed server first kills on dozens of Raid bosses and recorded more than 7 server first full-clears, spanning from Eternity Vault to Scum and Villainy. Still, greater challenges lay elsewhere. Battle tested coordination and discipline led to early and repeated success in Warzones, and here LD50 began to shine. Following the addition of Ranked Warzones, LD50's PvP teams scored hundreds of wins with an amazing W/L record; LD50's Ranked Team remained undefeated over a 107 game win streak. Throughout 2012, our success in PvP brought our Empire competition to its knees and over 100 talented new players to our ranks.

Two changes in Star Wars had large consequences for the game and consequently for LD50. Members found the transition to Free-to-play and microtransactions to be demoralizing, while the influx of new players meant many new faces but few quality applicants. The advent of server transfers in June of 2013 caused instability in the Ranked PvP game, temporarily providing us with new opponents on the Prophecy of the Five server but soon causing the server community's character to degrade. After rising to the challenge across several PvE tiers and countless PvP opponents, it was decided that Star Wars: the Old Republic was not compelling enough to continue playing through the toxic game community encouraged by F2P. We bid our final farewell to Star Wars in August of 2013.

Paradigm and Tyranny Chronicles (2006-2011)

By Utopi

Paradigm was formed in December of 2006 during Everquest II's Kingdom of Sky expansion from a merger of the most talented players of the guilds Rockeaters and Retribution. I was a raid leader in Rockeaters at the time and wanted more out of the game. After talking with Ephreal and Barsh, who represented the leadership of Retribution, we decided to form up a power house guild. I brought the best players of Rockeaters and they brought the best players of Retribution… Paradigm was born. I was tremendously hated on Oasis during that time because I essentially broke up two guilds in order to create one guild. I was even told by the guild leader of Rockeaters (Bonnie) that I would never succeed in anything—much less running my own guild. Of course this motivated me even more. I was 21 years old.

This was our first raid as Paradigm!

At this time, Iniquity was the top guild on Oasis. However, they still lost weekly contested kills to Rockeaters and a few other guilds. There really was no completely dominant guild on Oasis. Paradigm would change that very quickly. Within a week, Paradigm started locking down all the contested. Hurricanus, Mutagenic Outkast and Three Princes were all ours for the taking. In our first week of formation we killed the Matron. Oasis had never seen a guild with such ambition and determination. A guild that was willing to wake up at 3AM for contested?! A month later Iniquity fell apart and we absorbed some of their members making us even stronger and officially putting Paradigm as Oasis's top guild. For the first time in Oasis's history there was an uncontested #1 power house. However, we craved more.

When Echoes of Faydwer came out we were still a new guild at only a few months old with a lot to prove. Many guilds tried to test us at this stage and transferred over to Oasis to unseat us as the #1. We proved resilient time and time again. We quickly realized that we would have to hold on to the top spot, not just acquire it. Although we dominated the server progression list we wanted to start hitting the World Wide progression list. In order to do that, Paradigm needed not only the want to succeed but also needed the talent. During Echoes of Faydwer, Paradigm went through a major transformation. Quality not quantity. We got rid of the scrubs and started filling our roster with talented players. We then started getting into the top 5 World Wide kills but that simply wasn't good enough for us. We wanted the number one spot and were willing to do anything to earn it!

Rise of Kunark was a big expansion for us. I would describe it as Paradigm's break out expansion. For the first time we started hitting that top 3 WW kills mark. People began to see us a true WW contender. We were waking up regularly during the wee hours of the morning for Avatars. This was a lot of fun!

Rise of Kunark was also the expansion that would change Paradigm forever—and this has been a mystery to some for a long time. Lots of haters made up stories about how the name went from Paradigm to Tyranny. Well, this is how it happened and it all began in Rise of Kunark with my first departure from the game.

At the end of Rise of Kunark, I took a break from the game. We had killed everything except Tangrin. I left the leadership to Ashern and Metran. Metran got stressed out with the position and left it to Ashern. Long story short, the quality of the players in the guild slowly decreased. The guild standards dropped drastically. The raid days were shorter and more infrequent. Paradigm was becoming casual. I received numerous phone calls over the few months this was going on, asking me to come back and return Paradigm to its former glory.

After about three months I decided to come back to the game. However, Ashern saw my return to leadership as something that could destroy the guild because there were quite a few casuals on the roster including himself. Contrary to belief there was no back stabbing or foul play. Ashern and I talked about it for some time and I informed him that if he would not give me leadership of Paradigm I would form my own guild. I did just that. I created Tyranny and 90% of Paradigm joined my newly formed guild. This instantly shut down Paradigm and I got leadership of Paradigm back on my alt a few days later which we then used as an alt guild for Tyranny. Going from Paradigm to Tyranny was troublesome for us at first but shortly proved to be great for us and troublesome for our competitors.

The Shadow Odyssey was a great expansion for us and was probably the most fun for me outside of Paradigm's first few months. The whole transformation from Paradigm to Tyranny actually happened very, very early in The Shadow Odyssey. Dirty Dozen, the #2 guild on Oasis, got ambitious because they knew Paradigm was folding and didn't know how Tyranny was going to do. We ended up quickly reclaiming our #1 spot after a few nice battles with Dirty Dozen on the Avatars of Growth and Disease. D12 then transferred servers to Mistmoore and formed Hallowed Wrath. Paradigm was back! But even stronger than before and under a new tag named Tyranny. During The Shadow Odyssey we got a few World Wide firsts and ended up clearing the expansion World Wide second behind Surreal. (That is if you even count the Russian server!) Tyranny was truly the top guild World Wide during the very same expansion in which we "re-formed".

Sentinel's Fate was truly a bitter sweet expansion for us. The loss of avatar—and really any worthy contested—was a big blow to the competitors that we are and the hardcore raiding community in general. Despite this, we continued to get many World Wide firsts and seconds and Tyranny was more renowned than ever. Tyranny became the epitome of hardcore raiding and world wide dominance in Everquest II.

Because of our great success and fast clearing of content early on in Sentinel's Fate, many people were burned out. We went through a major rebuild during this expansion that put us about a month behind. We still ended up clearing the expansion World Wide second. I can honestly say that late The Shadow Odyssey, early Sentinel's Fate and later, after our rebuild, was the best group of players either Paradigm or Tyranny had seen.

When Destiny of Velious came around I was excited as always for new content. However, I slowly became frustrated with what Everquest II was turning into. The addition of Easy Mode/Hard Mode encounters, few contested, and lame raid mechanics sped up my ultimate departure from Everquest II. I was 27 years old and was just tired. I spent a solid 6 years of my life leading raids and being a guild leader in this game expansion after expansion during many great phases and troublesome phases. I was old school to the bone and Destiny of Velious was a rude awakening for me.

Over the years I began to see what truly makes a quality guild. It doesn't boil down to how fast you can kill something or how flawless you can be. At the age of 21 when I created Paradigm this is what I wanted to do. Tyranny did these things and strived to be the best at everything we did—and we were—but that wasn't what made Tyranny truly great. It came down to the community. The people. The community is what makes the guild and the leadership is there to organize and structure it and to make sure the community's focus is on a united task.

Unfortunately I can't say much about Destiny of Velious as I only played briefly for a month or so. I can say that Tyranny went on for quite a few months after my departure. Nine months to be exact. That is no easy task especially considering the state that Everquest II was in. All I could ask was that the people gave it their all, as my dream was to see this guild succeed even if it meant I was no longer a member. Looks like that dream will not come true, but I can rest knowing that this guild did what very few guilds in any game are able to do and you were all a part of that in one way or another.

Thanks for reading and I am sorry for grammar or spelling. I just typed what came to my head. Hopefully you gained some insight on Paradigm and Tyranny and the great six years we had which is no easy feat in gaming. RIP Tyranny and never forget.


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